Driving Assessment Program 

(Walnut Creek Office Only)

Are You Worried About Someone's Driving?

One of the most difficult decisions facing individuals and families today is when to intervene when a loved one’s medical condition is interfering with his or her mental capacity to drive. If you are worried about a loved one’s ability to drive, an objective assessment can provide you with valuable information to help make this difficult decision.

The Mt. Diablo Memory Center provides an OBJECTIVE and UNBIASED in-office evaluation desinged to evaluate an individual's capacity to drive. The comprehensive evaluation utilizes the Driveable Cognitive Assessment Tool- a scientifically developed state of the art computerized assessment program.



(Q) What are some of the warning signs that there may be a problem with driving?

(A) In general, the driver may show a decline in ability to do everyday tasks, have memory    loss and/or have a decline in physical functioning including strength and balance. You may notice the driver has a lack of awareness of driving errors, close calls, drives too slowly, misses traffic signs, gets lost or confused, confuses the brake and gas pedal, or frequently gets honked at by other drivers.

(Q) What is involved in the driving assessment?

(A) The patient will first fill out paperwork pertaining to health history and current medications. Then the patient will complete a brief cognitive screening test and a  written driving examination with questions about common traffic laws and rules of the road. The patient will then complete the DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Test.

(Q) What is the DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Test (DCAT)?

(A) DCAT is a computer based assessment that provides a fair and accurate evaluation of an individual’s driving capacity. DCAT measures mental functions such as reaction time, visual perceptual abilities, decision making ability and hazard identification.

(Q) What if the patient has no experience with computers?

(A) While DCAT is a computer based program, the controls have been substantially simplified. The user navigates the program through the use of three large buttons and the touch screen, with no need for a keyboard, mouse or driving simulation steering wheel.

(Q) What is the cost of the evaluation?

(A) The cost is $199, payable at the time of service.

(Q) Is this covered by insurance?

(A) Unfortunately, this type of evaluation is not covered by insurance.

(Q) Do I need a doctor’s referral?

(A) You do not need a doctor’s referral. If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation,  simply call our office at (925) 988-0569 for an appointment.