Medico-Legal Assessments

(also called Forensic Assessments)


Not all neuropsychological assessments are done specifically to determine diagnosis and clinical needs of the patient.  In some cases, the primary question being asked has more to do with legal matters; this type of evaluation is considered medico-legal, and has somewhat different parameters than a clinical evaluation.  Examples would include: capacity to sign or change legal documents, susceptibility to undue influence, establishment of legal conservatorship.

In a medico-legal evaluation, it is critical that our clinicians maintain objectivity.  With that in mind, we require that a third-party, such as an attorney or fiduciary, serve as the point of contact for all communication regarding the assessment.  Professionals seeking neuropsychological evaluation for a client are welcome to contact our office for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Freitag.

Because these services are primarily legal, evaluations of this type are not billable to insurance.  Please contact our office for the current Forensic Fee Schedule or with any other questions.