Memory/Neuropsychological Assessment of Older Adults

For adults 70 and older, we offer a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment to determine whether a perceived memory loss or decline in brain function is due to normal changes that occur with aging, treatable medical conditions, or progressive brain degeneration.  We provide recommendations for treatment and care to the family and referring physician based on the patient’s cognitive functioning status and diagnosis. 

Our clinic has a highly specialized team of service providers who are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders. The Mt. Diablo Memory Center clinicians take the time to answer questions and provide an individualized and comprehensive care and treatment plan for each patient.  In most cases, we re-evaluate the patient at six and/or twelve month intervals to determine treatment efficacy and to closely monitor neurocognitive status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my memory problems should be assessed? 

As we age, we all experience a normal decline in memory and other areas of cognitive functioning.  However, if your  memory problems consistently interfere with your daily life, then they may be a sign of a more significant problem.


Is there really something that can be done about memory loss and cognitive decline? 

Yes.  As research advances, there are continual improvements in medication and rehabilitative treatments.  The earlier specific brain changes are identified, the more options there are and the more benefits that can be derived from treatment.