The Mt. Diablo Memory Center provides a full range of neuropsychological services. We specialize in evaluating and treating individuals with neurological conditions that affect brain functioning. Our goals are to meet the growing need for neurocognitive care and services in the East Bay and to provide outstanding service to our patients.

The clinical staff at the Mt. Diablo Memory Center has specific expertise in a variety of areas. We are proud of the innovative and state of the art assessments and treatments that we offer. All of our evaluation and treatment protocols are evidence-based, stemming from well-documented and designed research studies.  We have several specialty services to serve our patients, including:

  • Older adult (70+) memory assessments 

  • General neuropsychological services

  • Medico-legal assessment 

Our mission and commitment to our patients is to provide the most effective and comprehensive evaluation for the diagnosis, treatment and care of those experiencing cognitive deficits.